Who We Treat

At Restorative Alternative Wellness, we treat people from every background, faith, ethnicity, and culture. 

Dr. Gina has a Christian background in addition to her clinical certifications, so for those who want Christian counseling that is available. All of our providers work with people from any faith background, or those with no religious beliefs. Self-reflection and mindfulness practices are encouraged for everyone though, as they are good management tools for your mental health (journaling, yoga, meditation or prayer). 

What We Treat

We see individual patients, family units, and couples, from ages 10 and up. Each of our providers has a slightly different set of specialties, so when you first come in our staff will try to place you with the best fit for you. All of our therapists are well-seasoned and have worked with a very wide range of issues, so if you are unsure who would be the best fit call our front desk office and we should be able to direct you.

Provider Specialites

-Trauma Recovery


-Relationship Counseling

-Sexual Health Issues

-Preteen and Teenage Issues

-Family Counseling




-Couples Counseling

-Grief and Loss

-Coping Skills

What to Expect

Before you come in, there is some introductory paperwork that includes some family and health history information, and some self-assessment testing that allows your therapist to prepare your first session in advance. The first session is typically around 90 minutes and gives you plenty of time to get to know each other and work together on a treatment plan. After that, patients will have weekly appointments for the first month to give time to build new habits, and typically after that appointments would step down in frequency. 

We also have the option of teletherapy/video therapy services if requested. The paperwork to get started is the same, and teletherapy is available in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments just like regular face-to-face therapy. 

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Restorative Alternative Wellness

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